Gives you more power to overturn unjustified tax increases, zoning changes, etc.

Sometimes politicians make big mistakes. Proposition A gives voters more power of petition, so we can veto such mistakes by collecting 20,000 signatures and earning majority support in the ensuing election.

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Caps out-of-control City Manager salary and limits term of office.

We pay our City Manager much more than any other city in America. In the last five years, she has received more in raises than all 1,500 San Antonio firefighters combined. Proposition B dictates that City Manager pay is capped at 10 times the lowest-salaried city employee. Right now, that would equate to a reasonable but competitive $290,000 salary. Prop B also sets a term limit of eight years for the position.

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Resolves a five-year stall on the firefighter fair pay contract.

The City has taken an incredible five years to complete a simple pay contract with our firefighters. Proposition C pushes the city and firefighters into binding arbitration—an inexpensive way to end disputes quickly and fairly without expensive lawsuits.

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