Reform that everyone can agree upon

Democracy works best when citizens can make changes when elected leaders get off track. In April, San Antonio citizens began a dramatic reform when an incredible 100,000 petition signatures were submitted to the City, calling for elections on three landmark reforms. On Nov. 6, you can enact those reforms by voting YES on Props A, B, and C.

Giving you the power to veto unjustified tax increases, fee increases, and zoning changes.

Capping the City Manager's out-of-control salary and term of office.

Resolving the City's five-year stall on the firefighter fair pay contract.

Why do Special Interests Oppose Reform?

A well-funded effort against reform has been launched by supporters of the status quo. The anti-group is mostly funded by developers and other folks with business before the City Manager. Special interests trying to curry favor with the City Manager by opposing a cap on her pay further emphasizes the current problems with the City and explains how we got so far off-track.

What Voters Think of These Reforms

Take back control!